Carlisle Gay Clubs

Situated in North West England, Carlisle is a big city which offers a good nightlife. There are plenty of bars, pubs and hotels and restaurants in Carlisle but at the moment there are is only one gay club and one gay bar.

The Carlisle gay bar is a place called Finnegan’s which offers a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere with fresh décor and a great drinks menu. There are several pool tables and it’s the sort of 수원셔츠룸 place you would go before you hit the clubs. Finnegan’s is a great place to meet up with your friends for a drink first. It’s a great place for chatting with your friends because the music isn’t too loud and the atmosphere is really relaxed. What is surprising is that Carlisle only has this one gay bar since its a place which is renowned for its openness and friendliness. Whatever your taste in gay clubs a visit to Finnegan’s is recommended to experience the famed humour and warmth of Carlisle people.

The gay club is called The Whitehouse and is located on Warwick Road. The Whitehouse is a popular place to go and is usually very busy on the weekends. The Whitehouse offers its customers a range of entertainment and on Fridays they have Zinc Friday which is strictly gay. Agian its a place to visit and return to many times – the place is one of those where you feel at home almost instantaneously and once you visit you will no doubt return again and again to experience its simple pleasures. Most people head to Finnegan’s in the early evening for a few quiet drinks and then head on to the Whitehouse for a late one and to get the party started!

Carlisle’s gay bars may be few and far between but the places available are very good. Cumbria’s gay scene is very quiet but Carlisle is probably the best place to go if you want to find good gay bars and clubs. Carlisle has quite a few gay friendly places as well so don’t be deterred from paying the place a visit. The general attitude of the town is “live and let live” and this attitude is refreshing when so many places are just the reverse. Coupled with the humour of its townfolk and you have a fascinating place to visit and enjoy. Don’t delay – take in the sights and experience one of the best ever places you will ever visit.