Electrical machining tools – why do you need it

Using electric debit machining tools make a perfect sense in whatever way you see; So why does the plastic injection mold making company not use it?

There are only two reasons, and one is almost impossible.

The first is that they don’t know how much time and money they will save.
The second is that they cannot afford it. This might be true if you start with a budget shoelace.
What is the development of EDM tools?
In the past electric debit machining, no tools were available. Mold makers must create themselves and they come up with some very smart methods to hold the electrode. But gradually things develop into a systematic approach that can be more universal in nature and will be much easier to use by anyone.

Swedish company, System 3R is one MF-2400 Wire cut EDM filter of the first companies to dramatically change the way EDM operators hold graphite electrodes and their copper. By using some very basic principles, that is, you need to register your electrode in 3 reference fields: X, Y, and Z from the Cartesian coordinate system, they build very high quality holders for the EDM industry.

This is an advanced quantum jump compared to old vee blocks, corner plate and cheating system jury in the past. 3R makes sense, total. It was rather expensive, and most of the shops bought a little starter kit and began experimenting with him.

Immediately, almost all American mold making shops have a kind of electrode retaining system in place. There are systems from Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and maybe other countries too. All of these systems are very good and any company will be wise to invest in one.

Why does the company make molds still in the day of darkness?

Like many things, people don’t like change. Plus, which holds a wallet string is usually not the one to use an ancient electrode retaining system, so they don’t know how difficult it is to find some electrodes on the workpiece all day. Electric debit machining is quite difficult, why not make it easier and more reliable?

Maybe some simple electrodes that are always the same sized, as it’s an empty pre-ground that is accurately sized does not require a purchased system. But even this requires a set of holders made accurately at home.

Another reason some stores still use the old stick electrode method is because their labor is very cheap so they are able to pay someone to align and find all their electrodes on the EDM machine. Places like China and Thailand are included in this category.

Your mold making operation requires EDM holder

If you are serious about making plastic injection molds, you need to investigate the electrode holder. In the long run you will save a lot, hours and dollars. Not only that, but you won’t need a very skilled glasses to make set-ups, let the tools do repetitive work and free your skilled help to do what the machine cannot do! Bring your electric debit machining until now and use the designed tool! Habits are hard to disappear.