Horse Racing Handicapping With Earnings Per Start As A Factor

Class is possibly the most hard of all handicapping factors to quantify. Some people assume it’s far a combination of the level a horse raced at and additionally how nicely the pony fared in the race. There are a few who sense that pace is the real measure of sophistication and that horses dominate others by means of truely going for walks faster and walking the competition into the floor.

One technique of determining magnificence is to divide the whole income by means of the quantity of races run. For example, Horse A has had ten races and earned $one hundred,000. Horse B has had 15 races and earned $185,000. Which horse has earned greater per begin? Simply divide $100,000/10 and $185,000/15. Horse A has earned a median of $10,000 in each race at the same time as Horse B has earned $12,333 in keeping with start. Clearly Horse B has been earning extra in line with begin so regardless of how hard the races it confronted as compared to Horse A’s races, it finished higher.

This is a useful way to degree class lyon open when the horses are of approximately the identical age and feature had comparable backgrounds and campaigns. It gets dicey, but, when the horses range in age and the number of races is drastically extraordinary. Usually the purse cost is higher for a young horse as it works its way through kingdom bred races with softer fields and juicier purses. Once it hits open company and not races in races with purses that are subsidized its incomes in step with begin may additionally start to fade.

Even even though stated horse is racing at a higher degree, the purses are lower and the opposition is harder. Perhaps a better way to gauge magnificence with the aid of income is to have a look at each horse’s first ten races. Another possibility, in the event that they’ve raced enough, is to handiest take a look at races in which they have got competed in open enterprise. If the statistics is to be had you can strive the use of their income in their remaining five races.

It seems that there are two cases wherein this technique may be extra accurate. The extremes of horses with many races and horses with very few races seem to in shape the bill. Therefore we can probably discover it maximum beneficial while handicapping older horses and very young horses. Like some other technique of measuring magnificence, however, this too will show to be simplest an estimate. Horseplayers who handicap enough races once in a while develop a sense of class and might spot a young horse that is going to transport up through its conditions and the ranks pretty easily even as others will slowly flow through the non-winner races until they hit the open claiming ranks in which they’ll have a mediocre profession.