Scott Collier Gives Some Fighting Talk


If you are considering running your own Karaoke business then you must consider yourself a professional. Perhaps you have got all your equipment, now its just a matter of getting your karaoke music.

Your first inclination will be to run out and buy all your favorites. I mean they are your favorites so everyone must love them as well right? Well not really. You are going to have to broaden your thinking when it comes to choosing your karaoke music. You can take some of the guess work out of this if you have some type of business marketing plan.

You need to determine what is your target market is going to be. In other words who is going to use your services. What type of functions do you want to cater to. If you are in this to make money ,then you are probably thinking that you will cater to whoever wants you. That’s fine, just be 풀싸롱  prepared in your choice of karaoke music so you don’t end up bombing out at an event. Remember you may be hired for a karaoke party at a seniors club, and not do so well. Then there you find out someone was there that was thinking of having a karaoke night, for their bowling banquet. You will probably not be their choice because of the way this event is going. However, on the other hand if you had had the right choice of music, it would have gone much smoother. Word of mouth is going to be your best advertisement, in more ways than one.

You may not have a budget that is going to let you go out and fully stock up on every category of karaoke music there is, in the beginning. So start listing what are the most likely events that will use your services first. Only you will know this for sure but here are some possibilities.