What is Asking Veronika Virtual Assistant

Ask Veronika Telkomsel Tanya veronika asisten virtual Service is a help from Telkomsel that is proposed for clients to get item data, protests, solicitations to take care of bills through talk media . This assistance can be utilized by Telkomsel clients aside from kartuHalo corporate clients and extra extraordinary numbers.

The most effective method to get to Veronika Virtual Assistant Telkomsel

In the event that you need to get some information about Telkomsel items effectively, the appropriate response is simply utilize the Veronica administration. At present it tends to be utilized in the accompanying renditions:

  • MyTelkomsel application
  • Telkomsel Official Site
  • Telegram
  • LINE
  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp

1. MyTelkomsel application

For you Telkomsel clients, you can utilize the Veronika menial helper by introducing the MyTelkomsel application which can be downloaded by means of the appstore (iPhone) and playstore (Android). Utilize considerate language and start the discussion utilizing the words Hi or hi .

2. Telkomsel Official Site

Moreover, Telkomsel remote helper can be utilized on the Telkomsel.com site. In the lower corner there is a Veronika logo that is prepared to serve every one of your requirements about Telkomsel.

The stunt is simply to tap the Veronica logo at that point fill in the name, kindly make proper acquaintance or hi. Ms. Veronika will teach you to enter the cellphone number. Next Type what you need.

Model: Top up credit, purchase bundles, send blessings, promotions or menus, etc.

3. Message

In the event that you need it to be simpler, you can utilize wire by talking straightforwardly at @Telkomsel_official_bot, later the Veronika robot will give alternatives to your necessities.

Telkomsel including message as a vehicle for getting to remote helper administrations is an advancement so clients don’t get exhausted with simply similar administrations.


Albeit most of Telkomsel clients are grown-ups, LINE, which is most of millennial clients, is remembered for the menial helper veronika question access list. By joining LINE https://line.me/R/ti/p/%40telkomsel, you can get some information about Telkomsel administrations, data and items.

5. FB Messenger

Huge web-based media clients are not saved from Facebook clients and Facebook Messenger is an application that can be utilized to visit on cell phones.

With a similar talk strategy as on LINE, you can just visit on https://tsel.me/fbVA3 utilizing the FB courier application.

6. WhatsApp

This application, which is still under Facebook Inc., is an exceptionally famous application. Old, youthful, kids know about WhatsApp.

In the event that you need to get some information about Telkomsel, you can utilize WhatsApp by visiting at https://api.whatsapp.com/send/?phone=6281111111111&text&app_absent=0 and remember to enter the number first.

OK, over, a little clarification about how to contact Ms. Veronika, Telkomsel’s menial helper utilizing text or the accessible menu alternatives.

Administration Type Ask Veronika Virtual Assistant

The administrations accessible are very various, and on this event the kinds of Telkomsel remote helper administrations are assembled into 8 sorts. For additional subtleties, kindly see the accompanying:


This FAQ menu incorporates Dynamic FAQ, programmed investigating, how to overhaul 4G, about vouchers. In the event that it has something to do with one of these if it’s not too much trouble, click on the menu.

Bundle Catalog

The bundle inventory menu gives data on bundle promotions, bundle buys, bundle conveyance, bundle terms, cover bills, top up companions’ credit, and purchase voucher games. For buys utilizing credit, remember to top up your drawn out credit first.

View Profile

In the menu see profile there is data that will be introduced as follows. specifically data on bundle membership, remaining credit, credit use, remaining standard, current bill, PUK, TCare PIN, and numerous others.

Other Help

For another assistance menu, illuminate the closest GraPARI area alongside the location and working hours. You can take line numbers just as online video calls with GraPARI.

Data and trade POINTS

This menu just contains data about the POINTS that have been gotten by enrolled numbers. You can likewise trade coins for credit or standards.

T-Cash/LinkAja Information

In 2019, T-Cash has authoritatively changed to LinkAja. This is another line of business for Telkomsel to battle in the wallet line. Despite the fact that it is moderately new, LinkAja has been generally utilized by clients for different purposes including paying for fuel, taking care of bills, paying for goods at minimarkets and joining a dealer.

Top up for pre-loaded credit

Contains approaches to top up credit utilizing different installments including through Mandiri Klikpay, PermataNet, LinkAja, and Mastercards.

Cover bills for postpaid

This contains data on the best way to cover bills through Mandiri Klikpay, PermataNet, LinkAja, and Visas

So that is a little survey of what and how to utilize the most recent Ask Veronika menial helper from Telkomsel. Ideally it can help perusers to all the more effectively access data, protests, administrations, and Telkomsel items.