What is Digital Marketing and why you should try it to increase leads in 2022

Have you ever used the internet to find something? Perhaps a new book, a great pair of shoes, or maybe even a hotel room for your next vacation. Then congratulations, you have received the benefits of digital marketing! Digital marketing is all about using an electronic device to do research in order to influence buying decisions in 2022 and beyond!

Digital Marketing has been around since the late ‘90s, but it has rapidly evolved over the past several years. It wasn’t until search engines came along that marketers started to understand how they could use digital marketing effectively.

Today Digital Marketing is used by every single business out there, even small mom-and-pop shops are now using digital marketing to increase their leads. It just makes sense to use digital marketing now that people are depending on their electronic devices.

So how does Digital Marketing actually work?

Well, it’s not as complicated as you might think, for example, if you were searching the term “Widget” on your phone this morning, there was a really good chance that Adwords ads popped up over your search results. Google uses something called Adwords to deliver relevant ads to people who are searching for things online. So if someone was searching for “Widget” it would be in the best interest of the Widget company to buy an advert via Adwords so that they can pop up directly over that persons search.

The other common form of Digital Marketing that a digital marketing agency usually does is Facebook Advertising, did you know that if you post a video on your Facebook Page and tag a company within it they might actually be able to pay Facebook to advertise their business directly to you? That’s because Facebook allows marketers to target specific audiences, such as fans of their page or people who live in certain locations.

Even though Digital Marketing is great you’re probably wondering, will it work for me?

Absolutely! Even if you’re a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, there are plenty of Digital Marketing options out there. Most importantly though it is critical that you have a steady stream of unique and interesting content being pumped out on the regular through your social media channels, this way you will always be in the know when it comes to what your target market is interested in.

That’s because Digital Marketing and SEO are all about making sure that you’re capturing the attention of your target audience, this way they are more likely to do business with you in 2022 and beyond! For example if you were to buy an ad through Google Adwords for the search term “Widget,” you would have a pretty good chance of capturing some business from that. You can do this in a number of ways, such as a regular advertisement or even by creating a YouTube video and tagging your company name within it.

A good way to think about Digital Marketing is to consider it as an information-gathering mechanism. The more you know about your target audience the better the chance that marketing campaign will be, so get out there and gather some data! It is best to work with Charlotte SEO for best results.